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Natural Soaps


Kahangi Estate produces a range of natural soaps. The soaps use a combination of natural fixed oils, blended with different essential oils for scent. No artificial colourings, stabilisers or scents are used in the manufacture of the soaps. This allows the natural oils to work naturally on the skin with no reaction from artificial substances. The Estate produces a range of soaps based on different natural oils, for different skin qualities recognising that everyone’s skin is unique.


The soap should be used within 1 year as they do not contain any preservatives, therefore the fragrance and colour will fade. It is also best to let them dry out between each use not to leave them  standing in water.


Moringa Soap        Oyster Nut Soap

Loofah Soap         Papaya Soap

Avocado Soap        Sesame Soap



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