Natural oils contain hundreds of organic constituents such as hormones, vitamins and other natural elements that can be beneficial for the skin. The ability of oils to penetrate and carry nutrients through the the cell wall to the cell nucleus can prevent cell deterioration that can lead to infections and diseases. Many oils including Papaya Oil have anti-bacterial properties, thus helping to reduce infections in sensitive or damaged skin.

Natural oils can be divided into two general categories - essential oils and carrier or base oils. Our oils are all carrier or base oils.

Oils can be used as skin cleansers. Sunflower (non-refined), moringa, olive and almond oils will serve the purpose. Oils effectively lift off the dirt, leaving the skin clean and nourished.

If you still prefer water but your sensitive skin feels dry after it, apply oil to the skin prior to washing your face. You skin will feel much softer.

Many oils, such as Avocado oil, are rich in essential fatty acids that the body requires for healthy cells but cannot produce by itself. These acids preserve the protective function of cell membranes. Skin that does not get enough of these nutrients loses moisture and elasticity, becomes dry and forms wrinkles and fine lines. Fatty acids can prevent skin dryness and help to restore moisture balance.

If your skin is oily, you probably would like to avoid oils. However, if you put too much effort into making your skin drier, your skin can take it as a signal to produce even more oil.  Shea butter with lemongrass oil, is very effective in slowing down body oil production.



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