The making of Bark Cloth is an ancient craft, perfected by the Baganda people of Uganda. The inner bark of the Mutuba tree is harvested during the wet season. It is beaten with different types of wooden mallets to make its texture soft and fine giving it an even terracotta colour.

Craftsmen of the Ngange tribe have been producing bark cloth for the Baganda Royal Family for over 600 years.

Traditionally it was worn by both men and women, like a toga, with a sash round the waist for women.

The cloth can be dyed white or black, or have natural colours painted on it.

With the introduction of cotton cloth, the bark cloth production declined and many craftsmen were forced to seek jobs in other occupations. Nowadays bark cloth is mainly used for coronations, healing ceremonies, funerals and cultural gatherings

Mama-Kijura uses bark cloth pouches for the soaps, this allows the soaps to breath, and prolongs the decomposing of the natural oils. Other products in the bark cloth range are purses, totes/shoppers table mats and pouches. (100% sustainably harvested from Ficus trees, and hand stitched)




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