Kahangi Estate
In order to boost local incomes by adding value to the crops produced locally, the Estate has developed the manufacture of fixed and essential oils for the cosmetic industry. With the  installation of high quality German processing equipment for the fixed oils, and a top quality Italian stainless steel still for the essential oils a range of natural products, made naturally are being produced. Inspections of the products have been made by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards and the Natural Chemotherapeutic Research Laboratory (Ministry of Health).
The oils after processing are stored in sealed stainless steel vats, which keep the oils free from contamination, all the oils are filtered to the highest standard. The purpose built filter press uses filters of food grade specifications. The company Endeavor's to create as many employment opportunities as possible. The product labeling is designed and printed at the production unit. The oils are packed at the farm and where appropriate containers are induction sealed to keep products fresh and tamper free. The soaps are shrink wrapped in the locally produced boxes at the farm.
The Estate produces a wide range of ready to use oils, creams and soaps. The company also supplies processed oils to the cosmetic industry.
Production of the oils is conducted in an environmentally friendly way. Seeds which are grown on the Estate for processing are grown without the use of artificial inputs.
The Estate also works with small holder farmers in a variety of other locations in Uganda and provides a regular market outlet for these farmers.
Green Energy
There is no mains electrical supply to the area and the Estate has gone to great lengths to develop sustainable power sources to process its products. The corner stone of the power supply are two banks of solar panels generating a maximum of 4.5kw of power. The power is converted into 3 phase to run the oil press and other processing equipment via a system of inverters and a 5kw converter. Thus 70% of the energy used to process and pack the products of Kahangi Estate comes from purely solar power.

Bio Diesel
To support the processing power supply the farm is equipped with a 12kw generator. This provides power for processing during the early morning and late afternoon periods. In 2006 the Estate developed its own bio diesel. The bio fuel is processed from the Candle Nut Tree (Aleurites Moluccana). The tree is cultivated on the estate both as an ornamental tree and also as a windbreak. The nuts are harvest from the trees, dried crushed and processed into bio fuel.
Kahangi Estate is proud that it has now replaced 30% of its fossil fuel requirement s with Bio Diesel produced at the farm. Thus overall nearly 80% of the power used to process products at the estate comes from sustainable sources.

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