Kahangi Estate is situated in the foot hills of the Ruwenzori Mountain range in Western Uganda near the District town of Fort Portal. The Estate has a long and colourful history, it was founded in the mid 1916 as a coffee estate. After the Wall Street crash of 1929 and the subsequent collapse of coffee prices the Estate changed hands and became the property of Countess Stead, daughter in law to the notable British journalist, and peace activist W.T Stead.

Under the management of Countess Stead the Estate pioneered the production of tea, a crop which was later to become the backbone of the local economy in the area. In 1969, the Estate changed hands again and took on the role of a guest house for Abercrombie and Kent. This period was short lived and the Estate was expropriated by the Government of Uganda during the brutal years of the Idi Amin Government. In the 1980s the Estate was abandoned and the buildings and land deteriorated until 2000 when Agro-Eco (U) Ltd purchased the Estate. The Farm house and tea estates have been restored and new planting of crops has been done. The Estate has once again provided much needed employment opportunities for the surrounding communities.{gallery} history

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